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May 2020

For our new guests and users of our resource on chip tuning cars, we inform you that the site contains only exclusive software products that have nothing to do with the products of such authors as from MHH, Digital-Kaos and the like. The firmware in our selection is written by EcuDump project partners from Italy and Germany, according to our order. A lot of time and resources have been spent on developing these products. It is safe to say that you and your customers will not be disappointed with the result. No hack and bugs. Only the best firmware, tested and tested..

March 14, 2020

We are opening our updated online store of firmware for engine control units of cars of all brands. For the convenience of users of the site, products are divided into categories, brands and models of cars . If you can 't find the necessary firmware on our site, please contact our support service. We will find the right product or create a new one according to your needs as soon as possible . We are also waiting for your feedback and suggestions on the new site.

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